Hello, and welcome to American Trampoline!

Thank you for visiting our page! We hope to not only provide some fun and interesting ways for you and your family to get some exercise and burn off some energy but also provide tips and tricks along the way.

As the parents of 8 year old twins we are always looking for new ways to keep them active while also being fun and safe. We discovered trampolines and never looked back!

The kids were about 3 when they received their first trampoline.   We had just moved to a new house and finally had some space in the yard for them to spread out.  First item purchased was a trampoline!  We have had ours for several years now and soon we will be ready for an upgrade to a larger size one.  

That trampoline has been played with in all types of weather.  We are in New York so you can imagine all the seasons we get to experience. Winter being the longggggggggest one of them all.  But thankfully the snow doesn't deter my children from jumping in there and bouncing around and they've found it is just as much fun to bounce outside in the snow as it is in the warm summer sun. 

We have been so grateful for this wonderful item during the current pandemic. Not being in school full-time and not having playdates can take its toll on kids. We like to get out in any weather and having this trampoline right outside our door helps us all from going stir crazy! Yes - the whole family joins in on the fun!  The family dog has even made a (brief) appearance on the trampoline too but he is not as big of a fan as everyone else!


Some fun things to do :

We have loaded our trampoline with small balls and created a ball pit for a few hours of fun ( great for toddlers and younger kids)

You can attach a basketball hoop and really work on that slam dunk!

During the hotter months, attach a sprinkler system for a fun, cooling and entertaining experience! ( My kids are huge fans of this!!! )


Welcome to the American Trampoline family and we hope you stick around for more tips, tricks and videos on all the fun and benefits to owning a trampoline!