Landmark Enclosure
Landmark Enclosure

Landmark Enclosure

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    Why Buy From American Trampoline

    Our Landmark Enclosure is designed to fit only our 14 ft. Medalist Trampoline. Like our trampolines, we kept quality at the top of the list when designing our enclosure. We first built enclosure in the late 1980’s for charities to use. Although they were a bit different in design, we learned a great deal and put that knowledge into our current enclosure.

    FRAME: 1 5/8” 16 ga galvanized steel. There are 8 uprights on our enclosure. At the top of those uprights is a ring, also built of 1 5/8” 16 ga galvanized steel. This ring stabilizes the uprights and make the frame stronger than any other design. Our mounting hardware consists of heavy duty clamps with 3/8” bolts. We don’t use lightweight U bolts. Of course, there are foam tubes on the steel.

    NETTING: We use a quality, close weave netting that will not allow little fingers to get trapped. Our nets are what we call, inside mounted. That means the net mounts at the edge of the jump bed, not on the outside of the frame. When a jumper impacts the net, the netting moves outward. As the jumper slides down the net, they land on the trampoline pad. On an frame mounted net, the net moves away from the trampoline and it is possible the jumper could get trapped between the net and the frame.

    As a word of caution, there is no proof, at this time, showing that an enclosure makes a trampoline safer. How a trampoline is used if the most important part of safe or unsafe use. The most common cause of injuries is multiple jumpers. Limiting the use of a trampoline to one jumper at a time it the best start to safe jumping. We know that statement just made a lot of children wrinkle their nose at us, but it is true. So please, use your trampoline wisely and safely, one jumper at a time.